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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 21, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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men behind a violent attack at a philadelphia landmark. police say these five guys viciously beat a group of people at geno's steaks in south philadelphia. the attack is too graphic to show on tv. good evening, i'm lucy noland o yann is off tonight. victims say all of this started with a simple question. fox 29's shawnette wilson spoke with one of the victims much she's life at geno's. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy, the victim says this all stemmed from a friend of his asking the suspect for cigarette, and he says just as shocking as the tack is what the suspect allegedly uttered that he was with isis. >> all of that happened within seconds. >> reporter: these pictures show the injuries patrick cane suffered when he says five guys attacked him. >> i got punched in the nose and before i could react i got punched in the back of the head and while i was bent over i got like two upper cuts to the eye. >> reporter: happened just after 4:00 o'clock in the early morning hours of saturday jun june 11th. patrick his wife and two friends
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stopped for cheesesteaks at geno's in south philly. they had been hanging out after a wedding the night before. he says the woman with them asked the guy for a cigarette. what patrick says the guy said and did next caught them totally off guard. >> he flew off the handle. he started yelling at us saying you don't know who we are. we belong to isis. and i remember him saying that's not something you joke about. what makes you think i'm kidding. >> reporter: tack was captured on surveillance 6789 police it's too graphic to show but they released these images of the five suspects who attacked the victims. >> they shoved the one girl like he put his hand on her face and shoved her across the sidewalk. and then when my wife got involved, like they just smacked her. >> reporter: when patrick and the guy with him tried to break it up that's when they both were bruntly assaulted. suspects got away in two separate vehicles. this is a picture of a woman police say was the get away driver in one of the cars. >> it's ridiculous. i don't know why it has to
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escalate like that. >> reporter: pat thick says his wife is okay but they want to make sure the guys who did this are caught. >> she just wants it to be over. >> reporter: and back here live, geno's gave us a statement about the attack. it reads, we as a company do not condone any type of physical conflict. the statement goes on to sake we are asking our patrons and the public to contact police if they have any information that will help identify the individuals involved. meanwhile, police tell us that they believe the get away cars are dark colored pickup and suv both with new jersey license plates. lucy back to you. >> thank you shawnette. on the radar on the verge of a heat wave looking live at wilmington. many of us are still close to 80 degrees after topping 90 earlier today. still warm enough to and joy the night outside in haddonfield, new jersey. phil collins say no jacket required is this heat. take look at wildwood our cameras were out on the beach whereas always in the summer one of the best places to find relief.
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scott, we've got 90 degrees on tap again tomorrow? >> yeah, the likelihood is there, lucy. of course, the high official until philadelphia today 91 degrees. look at the current temperatures still checking at 81. humidity low, though only at 39%. cold front off to the north and west. that will be the caveat that could prevent us from hitting 90 degrees by tomorrow as it moves closer to our area. in fact, not one but two chances for thunderstorms tomorrow morning. look at the clock. here's 3am watching for scattered showers and thunderstorms early tomorrow morning. here's 4:00 o'clock, moving toward the philadelphia so sue could be tracking some of that tomorrow morning. and then by the afternoon, we'll get another shot of some storms. so coming up we'll talk about feeling like summer, that heat wave potential for tomorrow. tuesday thunderstorms. not only in the morning but the afternoon. and then a break from the heat lucy with that seven day forecast. back to you. >> all right, talk to you soon, scott. temperatures climbed so high today camden county school children went home early.
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officials canceled after school programs as well because of the heat. they say the plan tonight is for school to resume tomorrow morning. looking live to south philly get your latest forecast and hear about any problems on the roads with fox 29 morning news and of course "good day philadelphia". sue serio and bob kelly have you covered starting at 4:00 a.m. the 911 transcripts from the orlando nightclub massacre are out tonight. the department of justice initially release the words of omar mateen with all references to allegiance januaries month rad cattle islam or redacted meaning they cut it off. after a large outcry it released unedited version. the fbi says omar mateen called 911 dispatchers 33 minutes after he fired the first shot inside pulse nightclub. he pledged his allegiance to isis and called himself a soldier fort terrorist organization. the fbi believes mateen who killed 49 people inside the lgbt club was radicalized right here in the us.
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>> while we're not releasing the audio, what i can tell you while the killer made these murderous statements, he did so when in a chilling, calm and deliberate manner. >> authorities will not release the 911 calls from the victims inside the club. we have posted a complete copy of mateen's 911 transcripts on patience carter and tiara parker were inside the nightclub when the gunman opened fire. the philadelphia women lost one of their best friends in the violence. patience is a fox 29 intern. she and tiara are back in philadelphia and stopped by the station tonight. patience tells us she's still feels the terror that night when she walks out her door. >> can i ever go out again and feel safe? can i ever go celebrate anything without having these flash backs of what if somebody comes in here right now? >> but patience is already looking towards her future ahead her new mission in life.
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developing news oh night out of the nation's capitol. gridlock on gun control. the senate has plans to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists. both democrats and republicans came in offering an option to try to keep people on terror watch lists from obtaining firearms. and both sides offered a plan to strength then existing background checks for gun purchases. each proposal, however, staled failed to get the votes needed to pass in the senate. today' action comes a little more than a week after the isis inspired gunman killed 49 people and injured so many more in orlando. >> it's our hope that folks will start lifting their voice and we won't wait until the next mass shooting that seems to happen like every two months. >> the issue the hot button during an election year and holds big many complications for lawmakers seeking re-election this fall.
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meanwhile, the us supreme court has chosen not to review a sweeping ban on assault weapons the high color not take up a legal damage to control control laws in new york and connectic connecticut. the laws criminalize firearms and large capacity magazines. seven states and the d.c. have define as assault weapons. in our area, that list includes new jersey. in chester county authorities want to know who beat a woman to death in her own home. a relative found her body early friday. fox 29's sabina kuriakose has details from the typically quiet tredyffrin neighborhood. >> reporter: neighbors tell us they are locking their doors, even considering installing alarm systems. everybody on edge as mystery continues over what happened to this well regarded, well liked widow in her own home. three days after a family member found the broken bludgeoned body of 62-year-old denise barger in her tredyffrin township home,
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detectives from the chester county district attorney's office were back at the scene. going over clues left behind by whoever may have beaten this recently widowed woman to death. neighbors say barger lived alone in the expansive home along heather stone drive after her husband died of a heart attack in march. she recently sold the property and plan to do down size days before her body was found according to friends. the horrific discovery made by a loved one who went to check on barger early friday morning. friends say she was friendly and loved her dog. police say the cause of death was blunt force trauma. authorities have released little else about the investigation. people here reluctant to speak on camera fearing whoever did this may still be out there. women here say they've started looking out for one another locking doors usually left open, walking the dog before darkness falls. meanwhile outside barger's home a ribbon of crime scene tape left fluttering on the front lawn. the only outside cater of a life
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violently interrupted. >> neighbors tell us the block where this happened is hard to get to. set back from the road with only a few access points. tonight the police department and district attorney's office would not comment on this case. in chester county, sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. a woman is turned herself in to police for a brutal murder we first told you about last week. prosecutors have charged thirty nine-year-old shavonne armstrong of wilkes-barre with murder, kidnapping and other offenses. police say she killed 26-year-old tori bryant and left her body on georgia drive in fairmount park on june 14th. they have not revealed a possible motive. a couple found bryant's body with establish wounds an gunshot to the head. philadelphia's controversial tax on various drinks is now l law. mayor jim kenney put ink to paper today. supporters of the tax filled city ball hall for the big moment. why a wide array in philadelphia
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and you'll have to hand over 1.5 cents tax on top of the retail price much the mayor says most of the money will go towards funding and expanding pre k programs, community schools and parks and rec centers. >> i believe that a couple things. i believe the initiatives we identified resonated with folks obviously the pre k commission made it very clear pre k was a huge issue for every community. obviously we need to help our children have a better learning environment which community schools will help while our legislative delegation is fighting with governor for more money for public schools. >> those in the beverage industry called the tax unconstitutional. they they are vowing to take legal action. many small business very worried it's going to hurt their bottom line. a broken water main sent water shooting from the ground in a giant geyser. but water wasn't the only thing people had to worry about. what else came shooting out of the ground leaving behind some big-time damage. >> and --
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bleep. >> a bicyclist was speeding down mountain trail and got thrown from his bike. what came out of the woods he never saw coming. and a vandalism spree that stretches more than a mile in a local neighborhood. what police are doing right now to captain guys who left more than 100 flat tires in their wake. and what this man did forced major city's building's evacuation all for what was in his bag. what x-ray images caught as he
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♪ we are learning more about the couple who authorities say sold their daughter to a bucks county man. we talked with the couple's son today. fox 29's jennifer joyce has been looking for answers into what happened and why in lancaster county. >> reporter: we spoke with some members of the amish church who say they knew danielle and savilla stoltzfus pretty well before they left the amish community in 2003. they say this news is sad and very hard to understand. >> all i can tell you he's a good father. >> reporter: words from young man who identifies himself as the son of daniel and savilla stoltzfus arrested last week after 12 girls removed from bucks county home belonging to 51-year-old leonardo dicaprio plan. also, arrested on multiple sex abuse charges. the young man didn't tell us why his sisters were sent to live with kaplan. he deferred that question to his father. court documents explain that daniel and savilla needed money. neighbors say they used to own this repair shop in lancaster county, but the business went under and the property was sold.
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authorities say kaplan helped the couple out of financial ruin and in exchange they say they gave the man their oldest daughter four years ago. she was just 14 at the time. the girl told police that two of the 12 children removed from kaplan's home belonged to her and that kaplan is the father. the stoltzfus' son explains that kaplan had been a friend of the family's for years and that they met the man at an auction. members of the amish community who knew daniel and savilla stoltzfus say this is also tough to comprehend it became a topic in church over the weekend. >> stoltzfus' son says he has not had any communication with his parents since they were arrested last week. in lancaster county, i'm jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. lancaster to bucks county, fire investigators are looking into how a fire started inside a hardware store. it broke out this morning inside shall font hardware store along east butler avenue. nobody is hurt. video came to us from fresco
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user tommy car. you can be part of our team. download fresco news to get started. very sad update to story we told you about last month. the horse adopted by john stuart and his wife has died. vets euthanized lilly yesterday after she broke her neck in a fall at stuart middletown new jersey farm. the comedian and his wife tracy adopted the horse last month after she was abandoned at an auction in lancaster county. police say someone had shot her with paint balls over and over again. she was swollen, she was in pa pain. tracy stuart said that lilly enjoyed her time at the farm munching on grass and got quote lots and lots of hugs. with the school year over, hundreds of thousands of children in our area will no longer their free meals through school. many of them live in south jersey. our bill anderson tells us how you can help so no one goes hungry during summer vacation. >> reporter: the end of school is a time that many families
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celebrate the beginning of summer fun. but unfortunately to some families summertime means a struggle to make sure their children enough to eat. >> in the summer program, you have children who are used to getting reduced lunch and breakfast in school. but when school is out, the food is gone. >> reporter: local organizations like the food bank of south jersey serve literally hundreds of thousands of meals annually but today as i toured their facility, they told me that the need for help is as high as it's ever been. >> vacation time when people go away and they want to get away from their jobs haven't good time. we see volume of food that we receive go down. so what we're trying to say remember that hunger does not take a vacation. >> reporter: many people assume a lack of food is problem that is exclusive to the homeless or extremely poor, but reps from local food banks told me that many of the families that qualify for free meals during the school year also need help during the summer.
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it's a problem them packets more people than most of us could ever understand. >> walking poor who sometimes have two or three jobs and then something happens, maybe their roof caves in or the car needs repair and you have mortgage to pay, and food sometimes the last thing you think about. so face of hunger has changed over the last few years beginning with the economic recession. >> reporter: programs range from fresh dairy and produce donations to the free lunches they pro void to local camps and daycare centers but in order to keep the programs going, they have asked all of us to consider that while some are celebrating summer, others need help simply surviving it. >> remember the children and the seniors and the families who sometimes struggle they need little bit of help. even in the summertime when you're going on vacation and you have an extra can of peanut butter, veggies or you want to make a donation, remember the food bank of south jersey because we are there for your
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neighbors just like you are. >> reporter: in pennsauken, new jersey, bill anderson, fox 29 news. >> a day on the links supporting red cross. american red cross hosted its 14th annual red cross cup golf tournament today at the land arc country club in quakertown. things are heating up at the end of summer in philadelphia. organizers today announced the lineup for this year' budweiser made in america festival. global super stars rianne narks cold play will headline. two chains, little wayne will perform. two day festival will be on the ben franklin ben franklin parkway september 3rd and 4th. pre sale tickets start in three days. >> a nascar driver attacked at a concert right in front of his daughter. >> i thought looking at my dad that he was dead. >> the dad was unconscious on the ground.
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what she says happened when she dove on top of him to protect him. arrested after stirring up danger at donald trump rally. what he said to police right before they say he grabbed one of their guns and went after the presidential candidate. and get ready. a major fast food chain is about to give out free food. what you need to do tomorrow to cash in and eat up. now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. get ready for delays again tomorrow pse&g doing that work between pennsauken and cherry hill down to one lane on admiral wilson boulevard heading i into0 and 38. the bus wasn't late. the train wasn't behind schedule this morning. now schedule in effect septa for all the region rails, the buses and trollies and shuttle busing tomorrow along both the routes 10 and the 15. another sunny day? we'll check the jam cams bright and earlyz p
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ maryland water main break sent chunks of concrete flying into the area. the chaos happened right around 7:00 this morning. the concrete damaged cars and trucks and whatever else it hit in the emergency. emergency crews rush to the scene shut off the water to
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repair the line. investigators are still trying to figure out what went wrong. aurora colorado section of road just couldn't stand the heat. temperatures hit nearly 100 degrees today and buckled concrete panel on one part of the road. and that closed the road for hours as crews made repairs. tonight, we are hearing the 911 calls to orlando emergency dispatchers about an alligator that had snatched a two-year-old boy at a disney resort. authorities have released a call from woman who was at a pool last tuesday when the gator grabbed and drowned two-year-old lane graves. little guy. the attack happened at the seven seas lagoon at the ground nor rid yann resort. in the call the woman says she was not at the scene but heard something that happened. the caller initially thought someone was drowning. >> 911 what's your location and emergency? >> please come to the grand floridian, please. someone is drowning there in the
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seven seas lagoon lake. >> searchers found little lane's body the next day. sin the attack disney installed signs warning visitors about alligators and snakes. the company is also put up temporary barriers at resort beach locations while officials work on more permanent long-term solution. a man arrested at a donald trump rally in las vegas says he tried to grab an officer's gun so he could kill trump. that's what police are saying he says. police arrested 1984 old michael steven sanford at a rally on saturday at the treasure island casino at the event sanford apparently told police he wanted an autograph from trump before grabbing handle of an officer's gun. he says he had been planning an assassination on trump for about a year and was ready to die in the attempt. authorities cezanne forward also had a ticket for a trump rally in phoenix as a back up plan. she survived terror in orlando nightclub. shot in the leg during the massacre. fox 29 intern patience carter is back home in philadelphia
3:25 am
recovering. ahead, how she's already starting to look to her future. scott? >> lucy, high temperature in philadelphia today 91 degrees. trenton 92. 91 in millville. this cold front could bring an end to that heat. we'll talk about it plus a severe weather threat for a part of the area. a vandalism spree that stretches more a mile at a local neighborhood. what police are doing right now to catch the guy who left more
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>> right now at 10:30 more than 100 tires in warminster bucks county look like there tonight. flat. police say someone slashed them all over the weekend and surveillance camera caught at least part of the action. the weekend's vandalism spree left half dozen businesses along one busy stretch of road scrambling today. fox 29's bruce gordon explains. >> reporter:. welcome to pitt row. also known as the truck lot at lafferty chevrolet. workers here spent the day
3:29 am
replacing 99 flat tires. gashed open by a vandal or vandals who struck 29 trucks and mini vans early saturday morning. the dealership has been around here for more than 50 years but they've never seen vandalism like this. >> what he's doing, he's knifing tires. >> then you'll see the rat come right around the right there. >> reporter: sales manager joe taber says the vandal struck just after 3:00 a.m. saturday racing from vehicle to vehicle puncturing every tire they could reach. >> what kind of dollar figure we talking replacing 99 truck tir tires. >> the initial tire bill is 22,600. then you have labor and aggravation. >> reporter: midway through the vandalism spree the bad guys noticed by remote security monitor who blares a warning that police have been called. >> that scares them off? >> oh yeah. >> reporter: he might have done a whole lot more damage. >> correct. >> reporter: lafferty was the hardest hit of half a dozen businesses along a mile plus stretch of street road. handful of individual vehicle owners were also targeted.
3:30 am
warminster police say they've already identified two persons of interest thanks to witnesses and security cameras along this stretch. >> people are identified to us the various sources so now we reached out to those -- those people and we're talking to them. >> reporter: you're confident -- >> i'm very confident we'll clear this case. >> reporter: not soon enough for the folks who run york road auto glass. they were targeted to the tune of seven vehicles, 28 tires. as for security cameras -- >> we don't have any on our building. we're getting them now. >> reporter: you'll get security cameras now. >> we never had any problems. now all of a sudden we do so we'll have to get the cameras. >> reporter: sad state of affairs. >> the way the world is going. >> reporter: good news lafferty as well as the other businesses we were able which tech the damage was limited to flat tires. no further vandalism to the cars and truck. at police headquarters in warminster i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. a building partially collapsed in philadelphia sing says sink neighbor the home on whitby street.
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emergency crews responded to the naked eye the damage doesn't appear too serious. we do know no one is hurt. this video came to us from fresco user durell. you can join our news team as well. go to the google play store or iphone app store and don't load fresco news to get started. well, you're getting the party started when it comes to heat wave. >> yeah,. >> scott? >> i mean, we had high temperatures lucy yesterday none in philadelphia. 91 today. and tomorrow, yes, a possible third day in a row of 90-degree or better temperatures. however, there is a little bit of a caveat. we're watching a frontal boundary off to the north and west that will move toward our area during the day tomorrow and we have a couple of chances for showers even some thunderstorms and some of those could be severe especially as we move farther south and east of the i-95 corridor. so sussex county moving back toward the delmarva peninsula that's the best chance for damaging winds, maybe even a little bit of hail. but look at the clock.
3:32 am
3am we could be talking about moisture returning enough to provide showers and thunderstorms for a part of the early tuesday morning commute. then we'll get a little bit of a break. daytime heating that front moves a little farther to the south. look at the clock. by two, 3:00 in the afternoon we're watching south jersey, sections of central southern delaware for that severe weather threat the main threats will be damaging winds along with a little bit of hail far south and east of the i-95 corridor. 81 still philadelphia. 80 in trenton. 80 right now in reading. a pair of sevens from atlantic city down to wildwood. so temperatures are still relatively warm and look at the dew points. general in the upper 50s right now still below that 60 so as we look at that meter, the measure of moisture in the atmosphere, it's still feels pretty comfortable when you step outdoors. so today was more of a dry heat. temperatures for tonight, 70 in the burbs. 74 in the city. so staying relatively warm.
3:33 am
out ahead of that front i'm going 90 for tomorrow once again. we could stay in the upper 80s due to a lot of cloud cover and also those thunderstorms possibly but i don't think anyone will complain. now, that seven day forecast we'll show you it stays warm into wednesday, 87 for the high temperature and then look at thursday. noticeably cooler, 81 degrees. that's it. we could see maybe a couple of inches of rain by thursday and then the all important weekend, friday, 84. upper 80s, 90-degree temperatures again lucy as we head toward the upcoming weekend but the upcoming weekend looks dry. >> that's good. >> looks like another winning weakened. >> humidity will be kind of like what we've right now. >> fort up coming weekend it builds towards next week. >> thank you scott. like the forecast. take look. this guy forced the evacuation avenue major city building. also what he brought in his bag. what x-ray images caught as he walked through security yet they still let him right on in.
3:34 am
a former nascar driver attacked at a concert right in front of his daughter. unconscious on the ground, what his daughter says happened when she dove on top of him to protect him. and -- started walking up to the kids ride, and something fell on my shoulder and i had no idea what it was. >> what this dad started catching as they f
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new hope for newly approved addiction treatment. doctors home implant will work better than pills in one of the first of three recovering addicts nationwide to receive this device right here in our area. 37-year-old katie ballgame has been treatment for oxy condon and heroin addiction for the past couple of years. these get four stick lime implants containing a drug called pro about fin to ease the addiction. dr. michael frost says she's a perfect candidate. >> in the past couple of years despite the trouble that she went through, she's made such efforts in recovery and has become such a strong advocate for other people in recovery. >> i hate taking medication on a daily basis. so this i won't have to worry
3:38 am
about waking up and taking my medication on a certain time and going to bed and having to take it before i go to bed. it's just going to work you know hopefully. >> implant deliver medicine for four months. so far 2400 doctors have signed up to learn how to insert them and when to prescribe the implants. in your money tonight, your next car can be electric one. new research says 20 years from now more than third of the cars on the road may be electric. the wall street journal publish the findings from the wood mckenzie consulting firm. the u.s. is on pace to reduce gas consumption by 5%. maybe by as much as 20% over the next couple of decades. right now electric cars make up less than 1% of car sales. my dream car is a tesla by the way. taco bell giving away free tacos tomorrow because the golden state warriors stole a win over the cavs on their home turf. i was so rooting for the --
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cleveland won the championship. don't question a feet taco. steal a taco all depending on one team winning a game. warriors did just that on june 10th of course. that free taco is available all across the country tomorrow from two until 6:00 p.m. one family's trip for father's day turned into a life saving mission for family of ducks. she was with her husband and daughter waiting in line for a ride at bush gardens yesterday when something fell from the sky hitting her on the shoulder. it was a baby duck. her husband jumped into action as one by one more ducklings fell out of the nest about 30 feet above him. >> he catches one hand and catch another one and it was -- i just watching him how are you doing that. the whole rest of the day. my dad is a hero. she was like so excited. >> poor babies. the family says they caught about 10 or 12 ducklings.
3:40 am
thank goodness that hero was there. one little guy did hur his legs but bush gardens is helping that duckling. they are all back with their mom tonight. cycling speeding down an mountain trail hit an obstacle. what came out of the woods right into his path he never saw coming. and she survived terror in orlando nightclub. shot in the leg during the massacre. fox 29 intern patience carter is back home in philadelphia recovering. ahead, how she's already
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police are trying to find a guy who made it threw security government building with a gun in his bag. it happened today inside municipal center. authorities say the bag went through the security scan but the guards did not notice the weapon until after the man had cleared security. they evacuated the building and it remained closed for the and tire day. in california, a bicyclist was flying down a mountain road then hit something he never
3:44 am
expected. >> oh, yeah. that was bad. >> yeah. that's right. take closer look at the crash. you can see a bear cub run right across the path near lake tahoe sierra nevada. the impact knocked him off his bike. frightened cub ran off before the bicyclist could check on the bill guy. a night out on the town ended up as a stay in the hospital for a former nascar driver. he took his daughter to a concert little bit of small talk with a group of folks nearby. warning some of the images are tough to see. >> i remember the hit, and then i woke up on the ground. >> i thought looking at my dad that he was dead. >> mike wallace says out nowhere someone hit him in the head
3:45 am
knocking him unconscious. and the beating did not stop there. wallace's daughter says the three men kept kicking her dad as he lay on the pave many. she even jumped on top of them to try to protect him. >> that's when the mom of this group then came up and put her hands on me and started strangling and pulling my hair and threw me down to the ground and, you know, we were all helpless. >> police arrested the three men but they face only misdemeanors. yet wallace's daughter says officers told them the same three men had been involved in three fights at the same venue. more than a week after a gunman opened fire inside an orlando nightclub a local community is helping those impacted by the tragedy in the form of dogs. tri-state canine crisis response team sending six crisis therapy dogs to orlando meant to help ease the pain of those affected by what happened. meanwhile two young philadelphia women april side that nightclub when the violence exploded are
3:46 am
back home tonight. fox 29 intern patience carter and good friend tiara parker were both hurt in the attack. the two stopped by the station tonight and described to me how life has changed after survivi surviving. patience also shared with us her journal signed by president obama. >> it's his caught graphed journal bite president of the united states. barack obama. so, yeah, one of the nurses in the hospital actually gave me this because she lot of somebody in the shooting and she saw really want immediate to continue writing. she gave mythisms it's a journal. it's a journal. my personal journal. >> signed by the president of the united states of america. >> absolutely. >> that's powerful. >> yeah. >> that's got to be inspirational for you. >> every time i write in this book i read what he said. dream big dreams. and so every time i go in here i dream big dreams and i keep writing. >> how do you get through the days now?
3:47 am
>> trying to take easy as i possibly can. try to take easy as i possibly can. as much as i possibly can. it's hard because i have to go day after day, you know, thinking and living that situation. as much as i don't show it, you know, i find myself crying and breaking down. i just take it easy. time heals all wounds. >> some days i wake up screaming like this morning. >> from a dream or nightmare. >> from a nightmare. and some days i just wake up and -- remind me self that you
3:48 am
can't get as fast as you want to. you have to take time getting out of the bed and going to the bathroom. so remember you can't bend your knee because when you do that's going to be painful. so it's reminding myself that i have to also take it easy, and take it one day at a time. i stopped believing that god could save me from that situation and i wanted him to take my soul before i got shot again or before the entire bathroom was blown up i stopped believing that i could get out of this. don't give up. don't give up your faith. keep believing because you'll never know, you'll never know for sure if you'll get pulled out of that wall. >> you got a big day on friday. it's akyra's funeral i believe.
3:49 am
what are your thoughts? >> it's so surreal for me. >> friday is going to be my reality. it's going to be the day that i realize this is real and she's not coming back. patience and tiara both say they want to share message of having faith and holdin holding on wite having a hard time who may need to hear it. both strong and young women will be here on "good day philadelphia" both with mission in live to help others. we've been following patience's
3:50 am
recovery from the beginning. you can see her news conference from the hospital last week on our website howard eskin. >> yes. i am here. >> something happened to the phillies today that has not happened in 52 years. something has really hard to achieve as well. and what will it take and how much time will it take for quarterback carson wentz to make it in the nfl? i talk to one quarterback who knows. philadelphia native quarterback
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♪ those phillies keep onsetting records for inn eppness. let's run them down. felt lease scored five runs losing all four to arizona to end the home stand. phillies got swept in home stand of at least six or more games for the first time since 1964. another brutal offensive day today. let's go to citizens bank park. look who is there. the sister act from the schubert theater. drinking a cold one and taking a selfie. nothing like it. didn't help the phillies though. first inning no outs. gosling single against jeremy
3:54 am
hell lex. it's one to nothing. the next batter after three batters phillies are down and no outs phillies are down three to nothing. for all intents and purpose the game is over. arizona wins it three-one. the manager is trying to come up with reasons they can't hit. >> something tells me we're guessing too much. we're looking for a fast ball when we get a breaking ball and vise versa, and that's -- that's something we got to get away from if in fact that's case. >> that's called lack of talent. phillies first pick mickey moan yack officially signed today for sick $.1 million. he was their draft pick. interesting day today. golf tournament to support an organization that philadelphia area native and atlanta falcons quarterback matt ryan and his family heavily involved with it's called the believe and achieve foundation it helps kids. government is the fun part but matt ryan made sure he says hello to everyone before getting ready for the big dave golf. after embracing all of that for the organization, i had my
3:55 am
questions after being the third overall pick in the draft, matt ryan has insight on what it will take for carson wentz to get ready for the nfl as young quarterback. >> it takes awhile. you know, i really felt like i had the offense down and was very comfortable going in my third season and that was starting, you know, my first two years. i mean there's just no substitute for experience and you know for me i was lucky to get that experience right away. >> for the first time since 1964 the city of cleveland they got to have something has a championship. the cavaliers really celebrated. cavaliers arrived back in cleveland today. now they had busy 24 hours. after they wop the championship in oakland they flew to las vegas and flu home and lebron wanted to show off the trophy. and as far as my day, matt ryan teamed up with guy from the inform fl network, my mayock even teamed up with matt's brother and we crushed them. >> did you? >> they didn't have honors on the team for the entire 18 hol
3:56 am
holes. (laughter). >> howard eskin hit them long and straight. full hour of entertainment news followed by tmz, dish nation, 1 underlines and the sill sons.
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breaking news out of kensington where right now police are investigating a double shooting why police say the shooter had two guns. a fight gets out of control at geno's steaks, bizarre claim men made before the fists started flying. and... >> can i ever go out again and feel safe? can i ever go celebrate anything without having to have flashbacks of what if somebody comes in here right now. >> she survived terror in an orlando nightclub shot in the leg during the massacre, fox 29 intern patients carter is back home here in philadelphia to recover. how she's already looking to her future. good day, everyone it is june 21st, 206. i'm chris murphy. lauren johnson has the morning off. patients will be in the


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